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The Arctic can be a harsh, and unforgiving place, but that doesn't stop Bear.


Bear, a young polar bear, will go to any lengths to gift his Mama what he finds to be the perfect gift: the Magical Meretoat, a rare and powerful plant. 


Bear begins his journey through the Arctic, meeting unique characters such as a goofy walrus, a kind muskox, a stern owl, and many more, all of whom play a part in Bear's story.


But does Bear have what it takes or will he fall to the dangers of the Arctic, and more importantly his own fears? Throughout, Bear experiences the power of kind-heartedness, friendship, and even his own story tells the tale of the lengths we go for those we love. 


Captured in vibrant watercolour, Bear and Ivory: The Quest for the Magical Meretoat makes a beautiful gift for young kids, and even adults. 

Bear and Ivory: The Quest for the Magical Meretoat

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Age Range: 6-12

    Book size is 11x8.5" 

    Page count: 99

    Chapter's: 5


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