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Bear and Ivory:

Behind The Scenes

         ver wonder what goes into the making of a picturebook? Find out how the beautiful illustrations are made with the videos below!


     From the wooden deck of a shipwreck to the snow-sweeping tundra, Behind The Scenes is the perfect place to be to learn more about the Bear and Ivory Picturebook!



Bear and Ivory 

 Behind the Scenes #1

"Captain Pearlman's Hug"

Captain Pearlman the walrus is a goofy fellow. Watch as Nikolai paints behind the scenes of Pearlman's Hug, both an exciting and beautiful scene.

Bear and Ivory 

 Behind the Scenes #2

"Bear and
Muskoka's Search"

Immerse yourself into the serene and calm tundra, in this behind the scenes painting, featuring Bear and Muskoka the Muskox!

Bear and Ivory 

 Behind the Scenes #3


Experience the joys of friendship with this Bear and Ivory Illustration. From the vibrant Inukshuk statue, to the smile of young Bear.

Bear and Ivory 

 Behind the Scenes #4


Explore the rich life of Muskoka the Muskox's Conservatory. Full of vibrant plants and color, it is sure to set your eyes in wonder.

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